We’ve been working on email deliverability since 2004. We’ve seen email volume increase by orders of magnitude, and the birth — and death — of ideas and companies that attempt to manage it. (Anyone else remember Goodmail, or the Habeas anti-spam haiku?)

On this page we’ll post a series of white papers and HOWTO articles that outline how to do deliverability right, in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re seeing your inbox rates decline, or are concerned that you soon will, the techniques described here will both improve your inbox rates and help prevent future problems.

Technical Topics: Email Infrastructure Setup and Configuration

  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC – The Alphabet Soup of Email Authentication. This is a great handbook if you want to roll your own, but it is not light reading. If you’re just browsing, you should probably skip to the next article!
  • Feedback Loops 101. Required reading for all legitimate email marketers. Your ESP might provide this service, but if not, find a new ESP.
  • Read Your Replies. Email can be a broadcast medium, but it works better when it’s not — and your inbox rates will likely improve if you do this.

Optimizing Your Emails For High Engagement

Deliverability Trends and Philosophies