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Version History & News

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This is a free e-mail reminder service. If you enter reminders here, we will send them to you on the date you specify. We will not spam you. We will not sell your name or address; we do not even ask for your name. It's free. It's private. It's easy. For more info, see the FAQ.

03/28/06 Status Message
It is slightly unbelievable to us that we have not updated this page in over 3 years, so we've cleaned up some of the cruft. In case there was any doubt, the free email reminder service hosted herein is still running, as it has been since mid-1998. The rest of the status messages on this page are so dated as to be laughable, but they're not really hurting anyone, so, scroll down if you'd like.





7/1/01 Status Message
It's true that this system hasn't been modified since late 1999. That's because it isn't broken. It works just as it was designed. We're still open for business. Breathe deeply; you have nothing to fear.

10/04/99 Bug Fix
There was a strange bug whereby "easier login" cookies would be forgotten long before their expiration date. We believe this has been fixed.

06/28/99 New Feature
Reminder emails can now be sent with a priority flag so that your email program highlights important messages. Although all mailers probably don't support this, good ones do: Eudora, for example. We'll update this list when we receive confirmation from our users that it works (or doesn't) in other mailers...

06/27/99 News
Special thanks to The Free Site for featuring rE-minders! in their latest newsletter!

04/09/99 Changes
A bug in the Javascript Calendar applet was found and fixed by rE-minders! user David Wai.
Thanks, David!

01/15/99 Changes
Two more bugfixes: reminder editing now works in no-cookie mode; display of recurring reminders with unusual intervals (anything other than 1, 7, 365 days) is now correct.

12/06/98 Changes
We finally fixed the no-cookie login mode bug.

09/27/98 New Feature
Members can now EDIT reminders. Also we've improved compatibility with AOL, implemented a few bug fixes, and incorporated some suggestions from our users.

08/19/98 Banners - Update
By popular demand, members will no longer see LE banners on the "Add" form.

08/01/98 New JavaScript calendar
If you have no desktop calendar or applet handy, you can use our JavaScript calendar: a small text-based calendar script that opens in a new (small) browser window. Members only; limited MSIE support. See the "Add" form.

08/01/98 More magic redirects!
Members only: if you set the "enable easier login" option on the Manage Account page, when you hit the front page of this site from the outside world, you will be automagically redirected to the login page... unless there is a news item on this page more recent than your last login. In short, members should bookmark this page to be sure that they are (a) getting the latest word on developments here and (b) also taking advantage of a login shortcut.
Of course, you could also bypass the news entirely by bookmarking the Manage Account page or even the Login page.